The Way to Automating Wires and Instant Payments

JuniFunds, a real-time wire solution, combines all transaction needs from origination, review, reporting and delivery into a single platform.
The Way to Automating Wires and Instant Payments
The Way to Automating Wires and Instant Payments
The Way to Automating Wires and Instant Payments
The Way to Automating Wires and Instant Payments
The Way to Automating Wires and Instant Payments

Processing Flow

JuniFunds Processing Flow
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JuniFunds is offered in three different tiers to meet your unique needs

JuniFunds Lite

Empowering beyond basics

JuniFunds Lite is designed for banks and credit unions with lower volume wire needs yet scalable for growth.

JuniFunds Premium

Integrated for expansion

Our mid-tier wire transfer solution offers options for increased automation.

JuniFunds Platinum

All the bells and whistles

The platinum tier enables expanded integration options for seamless wire transaction flows from origination to delivery.

JuniFunds LiteJuniFunds PremiumJuniFunds Platinum
Branded colors/logos. Wizard assisted entry.CheckedCheckedChecked
Integrated OFAC screening and mangementCheckedCheckedChecked
User facing dashboard with daily wire dataCheckedCheckedChecked
Integrated audit / activity reporting and risk management toolsCheckedCheckedChecked
Complete adminitration oversightCheckedCheckedChecked
Core processor integratedCheckedChecked
Automated inbound and outbound delivery to the FedChecked
Internet Banking integrationChecked
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Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance Protecting your data

It's a core competency

The goal of Juniper's security effort is to protect the confidentiality of a financial institution's information and prevent theft of it's assets. Juniper maintains policies and procedures that are consistent with current regulations regarding informational privacy and security.

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Delivery Implementation

...plan, build, deploy

Juniper will work with you to build and successfully launch your new system. Our typical implementation timeline for JuniFunds depending on the scope of the project, is between 90 and 180 days from contract execution to delivery.

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Our Story

Our Story

Juniper Payments began over 20 years ago as a dream with the goal of simplifying banking processes through technology.

Our company was created to offer opportunities of growth and increased market share with streamlined payment processes that are cloud based and scalable to all financial institutions. A dream no more, today over 30% of community financial institutions in the U.S. and more than 20,000 daily users access millions of system requests and originate transactions through a variety of Juniper’s payment solutions.

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